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Mainstream Sites Offering Free Trials

Believe it or not, there are a number of large premium porn sites that offer free trials, some for up to 3 days, so you can check out what's on offer before committing. And you can enjoy more hardcore quality porn than any old free site could ever provide.

Of course, they are all aimed at men, so you may not find all of it to your taste. Nonetheless, many women are happy with what mainstream porn has to offer, and enjoy sharing the experience with their partner. Megasites are quite popular with women.

Sites Offering $1 Trials 

Site Name Site Type $1 Trial Type
Anal Sex Virgin Anal 3 day
Anime Action Toons 12 hour
Beyond Bizarre BDSM, Extreme porn 30 days
Cheerleader Fantasies Softcore cheerleader 12 hour
College Party Girls Younger women 12 hour
Ebony Superstars Black pornstars 12 hour
Erotica Megasite 30 days
First Orgasm on Film Female orgasms, movies (recommended) 3 day, access to 11 other sites!
First Time DP Double penetrations 3 day, access to 11 other sites!
Free Hardcore Party Hardcore 12 hour
Gay Premiere Gay 12 hour
Geisha.com Asian 30 days
I Go Both Ways Bisexual MMF (recommended) 3 day, access to 11 other sites!
Indian Fever Indian women 30 days
Local Lesbians Lesbians, amateur 12 hour
Mature Delights Older women 12 hour
Over 18 XXX Teens 18+ 12 hour
Sex Slave BDSM bondage 30 days
Sexy Lesbian Videos Lesbians, movies 3 day
Shemale Sorority Tranny 12 hour
Stud 4 Stud Gay 12 hour
X Rated Midgets Midgets, bizarre 3 days

Sites Offering Free Trials 

Site Name Site Type Free Trial Type
Bisexual Fuck Fest MMF Bisexual 3 day
Club Online Quality Magazine 3 day limited
Cybererotica Megasite 3 day limited
Freak Show Cocks Huge Cocks 3 day
Home Grown Video Amateurs, webcams 3 day limited
Hot India Porn Indian babes 3 day
Interactive Girl Interactive webcam, live sex 3 day limited
Racy Redheads Redhead babes 3 day
Rated XXX Porn Megasite 3 day
Story Time Porn Erotic Fiction 3 day
Top Ten Orgasms Real female orgasms 3 day
X Rated Flashing Public nudity, flashing 3 day

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