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Adult Entertainment Networks offers you access to heaps of content with just one password . The original idea was that adult content is protected behind a password, so that only adults who can prove they are over 18 (with a credit card) can see it. Now AEN systems offer hundreds of thousands of sites and joining is like accessing a massive paysite - there's just so much content.

AEN sites for women are booming. On regular sites you'll find 3 to 5 galleries of uncensored content. Premium sites can offer over 1000 photos plus videos, stories and ezines. And remember - you get access to thousands of sites with just one password!

Recommended Sites

Costume Fantasies - Roman orgies, masters and slaves, secret trysts in the dungeons, Queens and male servants... it's all here!

Masturbating Men - if you love the idea of peeking in on a guy as he jerks off, you'll love this site! Over 1200 photos plus erotic fiction

Regular Sites

50 Men 50 Big Dicks As the title suggests, this site has an absolute plethora of nude men with large penises.

69 x 69. 69 photos of couples engaging in mutual oral sex. If you love the idea of a sixty-nine, this site is for you. Plus oral sex tips.

Artistic Male Nudes. Well photographed, handsome men in artistic poses. This is cultural perving.

Barry Whopper and his Saucy Bone features the glory that is gorgeous Barry Whopper, showing off his magic wand. 

Cunnilingus Zone is devoted to oral sex for women. It has 5 galleries of hardcore oral sex shots, plus erotic fiction and sex tips. 

Cute Cowboys - Yeehah! Enjoy these long, lanky cowpokes getting naked at the ranch.

Dicks! Dicks! Dicks! For the penis-loving woman. There's plenty of good-looking, hunky guys, plus dick books, dick facts, and a look at full frontal male nudity in film. 

Doing It Doggy Style - Guess which sex position many women prefer? If you're one of them, this site will make you dripping wet.

Erotic Doctor - A Doctor and Nurse get close after hours at the hospital. 

Grandma Scrotum's Naughty Bits follows on from the Grandma Scrotum free site. Features plenty of erect young whippersnappers, and Grandma's own brand of humour. 

Hold Me, Kiss Me, Lick Me
Kissing, hugging and sexy cunnilingus couples photos.

I Suck Myself features several gorgeous men masturbating and engaging in autofellatio.

Loving Couples features a gorgeous married couple making love in a camping scene. The photos in this series show real warmth and affection, and are perfect for the horny yet romantic woman. 

Loving Fantasy
Revel in your own sexual fantasies and see them brought to life. Ever wanted to be a painters nude model? Ever wanted to seduce the handyman? Ever wanted to be alone on a desert island with a hunk?

Male Centerfolds
Very, very good looking men, in various stages of undress!

Massively Hung Men - plenty of pics of spectacularly large men in all their enormous glory

Me and My Husband Make Love
Megan and her husband James explore their sex lives and get hardcore for the camera. Oral sex, sex from behind and lots of kissing.

My Favourite Porn for Women Photos
Webmistress Kayel has sought out 50 of the best women's erotica photos in her collection. This is what all women's porn should look like. 

Naked Straight Men
50 sexy hunks get their gear off and show you their rather lovely dicks.

Playful Couples
Celebrating playful, fun sex, like sex in the pool, food fights, cuddles and smiles.

Pleasured by Two Hot Men is the adventures of Elise, a woman with two very attentive male friends. If you love the idea of being licked and fucked at the same time, this site is for you.

SexFantasy Stories is erotic fiction within the realm of fantasy. Read of sex with demons, monsters, Greek Gods and more. 

The Sex Genie Princess Mia is pleasured by the mysterious sex genie in the bottle. 

Welcome Home, My Lover tells the story of Fiona as she welcomes home her trucker man with a kiss, a drink, and some hot sex beside the big rig. 

Women's Pornography features a cute couple getting naked and playful together on the couch.

Which mint is recommended for intense cunnilingus?
Which male celebrity said "Man, I ain't into that!" when asked about oral sex?
Which Madonna song praises muff diving?
Click here to find out!

Pure Cunnilingus has more than 50 galleries of men going down on women. That's more than you'll find on ANY site on the net.

Plus there's specially written oral sex erotic fiction, a Choose Your Own Sex Adventure story, and heaps of fascinating reading.

If you want to see men on their knees for once, click here.

Premium AEN Sites

Erect Men has over 1000 quality photos of good looking straight guys getting naked and erect for you. Plus erotic fiction, articles, movie access, bonus content and thousands of other sites! 

Female Fantasies - indulge your imagination with this huge collection of fantasy pictorials. Roman orgies, Amazon sexual conquests, hunky firemen, seduction scenarios, kissing frogs, two men at once, office affairs, lesbian encounters, and even men who do housework!

Masturbating Men - if you love the idea of peeking in on a guy as he jerks off, you'll love this site! Over 1200 photos plus erotic fiction

The Cunnilingus Site celebrates oral sex with over 800 explicit couples photos, a choose your own adventure story, and heaps of erotic fiction, all of which revolves around a good licking. 

Big Dick Men revels in the large penis, and is well proportioned with the well endowed. Hundreds of photos of hunks with big dicks, great illustrated sex stories, plus interesting articles on what it's like to be well hung, and why men fake orgasm. Lots of fascinating reading! 

Sensual Couples has over 1000 glorious photos of couples kissing, hugging, engaging in foreplay and, of course, fucking. Along with erotic fiction, this site features articles on anal sex, the G spot, Brazilian waxes and other topics. 

Hardcore for Her censors nothing. Over 1000 erotic couples and naked men pics, the Brown Hornet, erotic fiction, sex tips and sexy books. There's a lot here! 

Naked Well Hung Men features plenty of gorgeous hunks who are all very well endowed. If you love checking out huge tackle, this is the site for you.

Sexy Seductions - men and women seducing each other in erotic ways. Plus tips on how to seduce a man, erotic fiction, articles and more!

Playful Couples - happy couples having food fights and playfully making love. Putting smiles and fun back into porn.

Goddess Erotica - beautifully photographed erotic photos and delicious erotic fiction. A bit of high-class hardcore!

Sex for Women features sensual couples pics, naked straight men, and fascinating articles about female sexual dysfunction and the history of the vibrator. Plus a sex positions guide, erotic fiction and more!

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