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Best Ever Erotica Sites for Women

These sites offer a vast amount of content which you will not find on a free site, and it's usually more hardcore (i.e. penetration shots, close ups) than a free site is able to offer. Premium sites often shoot their own content so you'll get photos not available anywhere else.

You also get many added extras including live sex and videos, in-house sex therapists and columnists. Many are keen to respond to member suggestions and are constantly updating. A number of these premium sites are organised like a magazine, and offer good reading to boot (with NO diets!).

For The Girls is my idea of a perfect women's erotica site. Why? Because I own it! My partner and I have worked really hard to create exactly the kind of premium site we would want to join. We've hand picked all the photos of hunky men and sexy couples, chosen the best 4women videos, written heaps of sex stories, articles and columns, added advice and humour, games and jokes and lots more. Satisfaction is the aim of the game - and we're sure For The Girls offers it in spades :)

Couples Pleasure Dome lets you download and watch scenes from a wide range of DVD quality full-length adult movies. All the movies on this site have been chosen by ME :) so you know they're going to be high quality, with plots and great sex. The movies are all female and couples-friendly, and you also get access to every other site in the network. That's thousands of great movies!

Hetero Male Porn Stars is about showcasing the best looking straight men in porn. Forget those fat hairy ugly guys! This site has the hottest scenes from high quality feature films, with such stars as Nick Manning and Devin Wolf. You also get access to Couples Pleasure Dome and over 140 other movie sites!

Playgirl has finally decided to go online and their site Playgirl TV is chock-a-block with naked men, as you'll see from their tour. They also feature streaming videos from their line of couples-friendly porn films and there's a bunch of extras too.

Sssh.com - a new women's erotica site for those new to smut. Lots of sexy guys, couples and even fetish pics, but the real strength of this site lies with it's articles, stories and information. Quality writing is the hallmark of Sssh, which employs a team of special writers. If you're curious about sex magic, oral sex or romantic getaways, you'll love this site.

Male Celebrities features Brad Pitt, The Backstreet Boys, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, David Duchovny, Kevin Bacon, George Clooney (mmm-mmm), Ricky Martin, Tom Cruise, Pierce Brosnan and many more. All nude!!! C'mon, you have to admit you're curious. Is George really that long?

Erotica Sites for Women


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