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We know that women love sex, in all its forms. Whether it be sensual couples photos, hardcore sex pics, hot naked men, advice on sexuality, sex toys, health products, or even someone to talk to, we know what you want. And we want to help you find it.

Today, the adult industry is increasingly catering to women and their tastes. Whether it be a touch of romance, a focus on female pleasure, or the pure joy that is the male centrefold, women's erotica online has blossomed.

I hope you enjoy yourself!

- Kayel, webmistress

Articles of interest

Why Porn for Women is Good for Everybody 
Full Frontal Male Nudity in Film 


For The Girls - Erotica for Women Ezine
I have my own women's erotica megasite. For The Girls has been online for 7 years now. It has heaps of articles and sex stories as well as plenty of sexy photos and movies to get you wet! You know you're getting the best because I MADE IT! If it didn't turn me on, it didn't go on the site!

Best Ever Women's Adult Sites
These sites offer quality content in huge amounts, including live sex shows, streaming video and exclusive photos, articles and stories, all selected to appeal to women. The quality is extremely high. Includes site reviews.

Adult Verification Sites for Women
These sites require a yearly membership, which give you access to hundreds of thousands of sites within the Adult Verification System. Premium AVS sites offer higher quality content in larger amounts.

Adult Toys for Women
Examples of great sex toys for women, and a listing of good adult toy shops.

Porn Movies for Women
Dirty movies created to please women!

More Sites for Women
These sites usually offer low quality or censored photos.

Check out these free pics of extremely good looking men!

Porno4Women and Ladylynx
offer comprehensive lists of women's adult sites

I Recommend...

Now Showing at Couples Pleasure Dome

For Women Only - A series of vignettes featuring female fantasies - including one where a woman's boyfriend dresses up as a fireman to seduce her.

Caribbean Undercover - a hot and steamy spy story that Freddy and Eddy said was "one of our favourite titles"

Touched for the First Time - a beautiful artist dreams that her sculpture comes to life and acts out her wildest sexual desires.

Plus there's plenty more full-length DVD quality movies available, as well as access to hundreds of other sites!

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