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Women's erotica has been steadily growing and expanding on the internet for over a decade. Previously a horny woman looking for women's erotica would have had to make do with gay sites, or male-oriented mainstream porn. Now, women can access an increasingly diverse range of women's erotica - everything from nude men and amateur naked men, to erotic fiction, romantic couples scenes, sexual fantasies, full on hardcore couples sex, as well as informative articles, chat rooms, columns and more.

Women's erotica is a force for good. It reflects women's desires and sexual fantasies. It validates women's sexual experiences and encourages women to enjoy their sex lives. Women's erotica is a good reason why sexually explicit material should not be censored. It doesn't degrade women; rather, women's erotica empowers them. Inside this site you'll find links to the many women's erotica sites and products available to female surfers.



For The Girls is one of the longest-running women's erotica sites! It's got:
STRAIGHT Men photos
100% gorgeous monthly male centerfolds
Sexy couples pics and hardcore photos
Amateur men pics and profiles
Hilarious Male Strip Search movies
Hardcore movies chosen just for women
Erotic fiction and sexy stories, exclusively written
Huge archive of articles and columns
Explicit sex instruction advice
Fun, games, jokes, screensavers
Heaps more

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